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PURE Magnetic Bracelets

PURE - By Coppercraft

It is thought that the gentle magnetic flux polarises the blood as it flows past, enabling oxygen to be carried around the body and toxins removed more freely.

The Magnets we use are -

Magnetic Hematite - A naturally occuring substance the can be ground and reformed into magnetic beads giving a gentle flux of 500 - 1000 gauss.

Neodymium Magnets - A more powerful flux of between 1500 - 2000 gauss.

Far Infa-Red - An invisable part of the electromagnetic spectrum, penetrates more deeply.

GE32 - Germanium - Negative ion Germanium to counteract the positive ions found in and around office equipment and computers.

Copper - Not magnetic but therapeutic. The skin is thought to obsorb tiny particals of copper forming salts which replace deficencies in affected joints.

*Magnets should not be worn by people with pacemakers or whislt pregnant.

Model: BA159M
Magnetic 3 Colour Torque Bangle..
Ex Tax:£15.83
Model: MH3385
Magnetic Stretch Blue Flower and white stone Bracelet..
Ex Tax:£16.66
Model: MH3471
Magnetic Celtic Stretch Bracelet..
Ex Tax:£16.66
Model: MH3518
Magnetic dragonfly Stretch Bracelet..
Ex Tax:£16.66
Model: FH0076
Magnetic Hematite Grey and Blue Bead Adjustable  Bracelet..
Ex Tax:£16.66
Model: FH0078
Magnetic Hematite Black and Grey Adjustable Bead Bracelet..
Ex Tax:£16.66
Model: FH0083
Magnetic Hematite Multi Bead Adjustable Bracelet..
Ex Tax:£16.66
Model: FH0094
Magnetic Hematite Multi Colour Bead Adjustable Bracelet..
Ex Tax:£16.66
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