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Model: ZAK379
Pre Owned 14ct Diamond Leaf Design Ring Size L 1/2Weight 2.5 gramsHead - 12.5mm x 10.8mm..
Ex Tax:£79.17
Model: ZAL220
Pre Owned 18ct 3 Stone Diamond Ring Size JWeight 2.4 grams..
Ex Tax:£104.17
Model: ZAL438
Pre Owned 18ct 3 Stone Diamond Ring Approx. 20pts total diamondsSize L 1/2Weight 2 grams..
Ex Tax:£329.17
Model: ZH891
Pre Owned 18ct Diamond Band Ring Size 'N'Width 4mmWeight 4.2 grams..
Ex Tax:£233.33
Model: ZH885
Pre Owned 18ct Diamond Flower Cluster Ring 1 Carat of Diamonds in TotalSize 'Q 1/2'Head 11.6mm..
Ex Tax:£995.83
Model: ZF433
Pre Owned 18ct Diamond Heart RingSize MWeight 3.3 grams..
Ex Tax:£145.83
Model: ZG974
Pre Owned 18ct Diamond Ring Size Kweight 1.6g Head 6.4mm..
Ex Tax:£82.50
Model: ZD197
Pre Owned 18ct Diamond Solitaire Ring Diamond Weight Approx. .70ctApprox. Colour 'H'                 Clarity 'VS'                Cut 'Brilliant'Size O..
Ex Tax:£1,750.00
Model: ZA454
Pre Owned 18ct Princess Cut Diamond Ring Approx. .30pts diamondSize I 1/2Weight 3 grams..
Ex Tax:£329.17
Model: ZF561
Pre Owned 18ct Princess Cut Diamond Ring Approx. .33pts diamondSize  PWeight 2.7 grams..
Ex Tax:£325.00
Model: ZH816
Pre Owned 18ct Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring Size Khead 10.7mm x 9.3mm..
Ex Tax:£291.67
Model: ZH888
Pre Owned 18ct Single Diamond Ring Aproxx. .20ct DiamondSize 'Q 1/2'Weight 5.5 grams..
Ex Tax:£275.00
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