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Model: ZL157
Pre Owned 9ct two tone Hoop EarringsWeight 1.76 gramsDiameter 15mmWidth 2.14mm..
Ex Tax:£50.00
Model: ZL282
Pre Owned 9ct Hoop Earrings Weight 1.95 gramsDiameter 27mmWidth 2.4mm..
Ex Tax:£54.17
Model: ZL376
Pre Owned 9ct Multi Gem Stud Earrings Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald SetWeight 4.22 gramsSize 16.9mm x 9.9mm..
Ex Tax:£120.83
Model: ZK490
Pre Owned 9ct Oval Hoop Earrings Weight 5.28 gramsSize 33.2mm x 29.1mm..
Ex Tax:£145.83
Model: ZL28
Pre Owned 9ct Oval Hoop Earrings Weight 3.2 gramsSize 35 x 25..
Ex Tax:£87.50
Model: ZL721
Pre Owned 9ct Patterned Half Hoop Earrings Weight 3 gramsDiameter 25mmWidth 10.2mm..
Ex Tax:£83.33
Model: ZL94
Pre Owned 9ct Patterned Hoop Earrings Weight 3.2 gramsDiameter 22.9mmWidth 4.15mm..
Ex Tax:£87.50
Model: ZL437
Pre Owned 9ct Three Tone Drop Earrings Weight 2.68 gramsLength 24mmWidth 5.7mm..
Ex Tax:£74.17
Model: ZL26
Pre Owned 9ct Twist Hoop Earrings Weight 1.8 gramsDiameter 24.5mm..
Ex Tax:£50.00
Model: ZL93
Pre Owned 9ct Twist Hoop Earrings Weight 2.94 gramsDiameter 25.1mmWidth 3mm..
Ex Tax:£81.67
Model: ZL95
Pre Owned 9ct Twist Hoop Earrings Weight 2.66 gramsDiameter 20.5mmWidth 4mm..
Ex Tax:£73.33
Model: ZL723
Pre Owned 9ct Twisted Hoop Earrings Weight 2.8 gramsDiameter 36mmWidth 3mm..
Ex Tax:£79.17
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