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A Guide To Buying Pre-Owned Jewellery

A Guide To Buying Pre-Owned Jewellery

When it comes to purchasing second-hand jewellery, there can be a little more to consider in comparison to a fast fashion fix, but the result is very rewarding. While you’ve still got personal preferences and styles to address, the authenticity of pre-owned jewellery and ensuring you’re getting good value for money are essential elements to explore.

At PT Miles, we consider ourselves experts in the field, so we wanted to create a guide to buying second-hand jewellery to help you make the right decision for you, from reasons to buy second-hand jewellery, to how to check authenticity from a private seller.  Additionally, we will discover some of the current options available in our authentic pre-owned jewellery collections and provide you with any information you need regarding getting your jewellery valued.

Why buy second-hand jewellery?

Although the price is often the deciding factor when it comes to buying brand new jewellery or pre-owned, there are many other reasons people consider buying second-hand jewellery:

  • Excellent quality for money – Don’t forget that people often sell their virtually brand new pieces for a whole host of reasons – sometimes barely worn! As price depreciation will happen to brand new jewellery, you can get the same like-new quality but at a lower cost.
  • Environmental conscience – Buying second-hand jewellery plays a small part in helping towards a more sustainable future. Buying second-hand means that there’s less of a demand for new jewellery derived from heavily mined areas.
  • Vintage style – Second-hand jewellery means you can develop your personal style and find unique period pieces from another time, meaning you can find jewellery from your favourite era.
  • Unique items – You will often find unique second-hand pieces that are not available to buy new, allowing you to be individual in style and taste.

Many see purchasing new pieces as an investment, often with a view to the item being passed down from generation to generation, or given as a generous gift to mark a special occasion. Sometimes, you may think a custom piece may be the best way to show someone you care. However, second-hand jewellery should not be something that’s overlooked.

If you adore the look of vintage and antique jewellery, then you’ll want to consider pre-owned jewellery for something a little out of the ordinary to add to your collection. Equally, if you’d love your jewellery to tell a story, opting for pre-owned pieces can trigger interest and intrigue to its previous origins and meanings. Family heirlooms often begin life this way.  An engagement ring that is passed down through generations makes a particularly sentimental touch.

The authenticity of second-hand jewellery

Purchasing second-hand jewellery either online or in a retail store should be approached with an open mind, but a curious heart.

To get value for your money, it’s crucial that you establish the authenticity of your item before the final transaction to avoid disappointment further down the line, or if you choose to resell the item at a later date.

If you choose to deal with a private seller, you may have to ensure the authenticity of the second-hand jewellery yourself. At PT Miles , we are proud to have an experienced in-house team to check our second-hand jewellery and confirm their authenticity.

How to check the authenticity of pre-owned jewellery, and to spot a fake product, comes down to several key factors, including:

  • Stamp or hallmark – Check for stamps that will state the carat of a metal 9ct (375), 14ct (585), 18ct (750), 22ct (916) on yellow gold and white gold. For second-hand silver jewellery, the item will be stamped with the standard 925.
  • Brand marks – Many brands (Tiffany & Co., for example) will stamp their jewellery with a hallmark, so look for this when buying a second hand branded item.
  • Magnet test – To check for a genuine metal, try doing the magnet test. Real gold will not stick to a magnet. Jewellers will use more scientific methods such as an acid test or an XRF gun which effectively creates an X-Ray of the jewellery.
  • Certificate of authenticity – Often pre-owned jewellery may come with a certificate of authenticity from the GIA, EGL or IGI, though this isn’t always the case.
  • Documentation – The documentation that comes with your second-hand jewellery item can also be forged, so watch out! Look for spelling errors, blurry text/printing or bad grammar.
  • Purchase from a reputable jewellery merchant – We recommend leaving authenticity checks to the experts, purchasing from second-hand jewellery collections that can be guaranteed as genuine.

Second-hand jewellery at PT Miles Jewellers.

Here at PT Miles, we are proud to specialise in second-hand and antique jewellery. With over 40 years of experience in buying and selling items, including engagement rings and gemstone jewellery, you can trust that we are a reliable source. Enjoy the utmost confidence and peace of mind that we will provide, authentic, high-quality jewellery at a reasonable price.

Second-hand jewellery gift ideas for women


Our premium range of second-hand jewellery is second to none when it comes to true style and good value. For the perfect gift for a loved one, we recommend our ladies’ second-hand jewellery as a classic option that offers a versatile look in an array of premium styles to suit all. Our collection of ladies second-hand rings include exquisite pre-owned engagement rings in optimum condition to give your other half and showcase your commitment and love. We also stock an array of beautiful second-hand eternity rings as a way to reignite your devotion to the special person in your life or to commemorate a special anniversary.

Take a look at our ring buying guide to find out how to pick the perfect one! If you’re looking for a ladies’ birthday gift, you’ll find a stunning collection of second-hand pendants and necklaces; whether you’re looking for a statement piece or an elegant everyday necklace, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to create a special moment.

If you’re into the modern appearance of white gold and platinum jewellery, we have some great second-hand white gold and platinum pieces that are bound to appeal to your needs. Our collection of 18ct white gold second-hand bracelets and bangles encompass various designs with intricate diamond detailing that could be paired beautifully with diamond earrings for a coordinated finish.

Our pre-owned jewellery collections offer many versatile options, so you’re truly spoilt for choice in terms of designs and jewellery styles. Not only do decadent diamonds feature heavily, but you can also expect to find colourful gemstones such as emerald, sapphire, aquamarine and pink tourmaline that add extra sparkle, and luxury edge.  Gifting jewellery can speak for you; it can say ‘’I love you’ right through to ‘I’ll be there’, here at PT Miles, we care about making moments matter, that’s why you’ll find jewellery to last a lifetime and help you show you care.

Pre-owned jewellery gift ideas for men

Our sophisticated collection of second-hand men’s jewellery offers a stunning array of men’s used chains, earrings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks and rings. Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern, or statement unique pieces you’ll find fantastic jewellery gift ideas for men, here at PT Miles Jewellers.

If you want to make a special commitment, then our second-hand men’s rings can help you say those special words, with wedding rings, engagement rings and diamond rings, we’ve got every occasion covered. Speaking of occasions, our men’s cufflinks make the ultimate birthday gift, with a range of versatile styles, precious metals and stones you’re sure to find a style to suit that special someone just perfectly.

Our used men’s chains make a great sentimental gift that can express friendship, love, your recognition or any other sentiment, and leaves a lasting impression on the receiver. Our men’s pre-owned jewellery collection provides you with so many alternatives in terms of designs and jewellery styles, so why not send a gift that can be passed down for generations here at PT Miles.

While there’s no better feeling than seeing someone’s face light up when you’ve seen what you’ve gifted them, it’s essential we take time to gift ourselves, this act of self-care means you no longer have to master the art of the ‘gift face’ when receiving a present you don’t like. We guarantee it will make you feel better.

Where to sell your jewellery

Here at PT Miles Jewellers, we have built a reputation on trust, values and professionalism, striving for perfection during every transaction and interaction with our customers.

If you’re looking to sell your jewellery, come into our shop on the high street and we will be pleased to make you a no obligation offer, paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Interested? Call into our high street shop or contact us below:

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