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Model: ZL438
9ct Smokey Quartz RingSize M (can be resized)Weight 8.44 gramsStone 28.4mm x 17mm..
Ex Tax:£120.83
Model: ZL160
Pre Owned 14ct Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring Size M 1/2Weight 3.5 gramsHead 13.8mm 9.6mm..
Ex Tax:£125.00
Model: ZAK379
Pre Owned 14ct Diamond Leaf Design Ring Size L 1/2 (THIS RING CAN BE RESIZED, PLEASE CONTACT FOR PRICE, SEE T&CS) Weight 2.5 gramsHead - 12.5mm x 10.8mm..
Ex Tax:£79.17
Model: ZL158
Pre Owned 14ct Jade Ring Size M 1/2 (can be re sized)Weight 7.1 gramsHead/Stone 16.1 x 14.8..
Ex Tax:£262.50
Model: ZL436
Pre Owned 14ct Mens Clear Stone RingSize S (can be re sized)Weight 6.3 gramsHead 10.4mm x 10mm..
Ex Tax:£266.67
Model: ZL609
Pre Owned 14ct Ruby and Diamond Ring Size L (can be re sized)Weight 2.8 gramsHead 9.5mm x 3.7mm..
Ex Tax:£120.83
Model: ZL409
Pre Owned 14ct Ruby and Clear Stone Ring Size MWeight 2.5 gramsHead 6.2mm x 12mm..
Ex Tax:£112.50
Model: ZL891
Pre Owned 14ct Sapphire and Diamond Ring Size N (can be resized)Weight 2.5 gramsHead 5.38mm x 14.5mm..
Ex Tax:£112.50
Model: ZL410
Pre Owned 14ct Topaz Amethyst and Diamond Ring Size MWeight 3.16 gramsHead 7.5mm x 14.8mm..
Ex Tax:£129.17
Model: ZL240
Pre Owned 18ct 1 Carat Diamond Wishbone Ring Approx. Total Diamond Weight 1 CaratSize L 1/2 (can be re sized)Weight 3.09 grams..
Ex Tax:£1,250.00
Model: ZK19
Pre Owned 18ct 3 Stone Diamond Ring Approx. 1/2 Carat total diamondSize J (THIS RING CAN BE RESIZED, PLEASE CONTACT FOR PRICE, SEE T&CS) weight 1.9 grams..
Ex Tax:£245.83
Model: ZK568
Pre Owned 18ct 3 Stone Diamond Ring Size M (THIS RING CAN BE RESIZED, PLEASE CONTACT FOR PRICE, SEE T&CS) Total Diamond Weight .50ctWeight 3 grams..
Ex Tax:£375.00
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