As the Covid restrictions are been eased from the 19/07/21 we have made the decision to stick with our rules going forward to help protect the safety of our staff and customers.....

So we are leaving our counter screens in place, social distancing will still apply and we ask that you continue to wear a face mask, but obviously this is your decision as from the 19th this will no longer be a legal requirement.....

Shop Rules:

1. Please press the door buzzer and we will let you in. (If there is space)

2. Only 2 customers (or 2 x couples) in the shop at one time

3. We request that you wear a face covering

4. Please sanitize your hands on entry, using the provided hand sanitier

5. All watch batteries, Jewellery offers and any other day jobs/repairs must be left with us for a minium of 30 mins.

And thats it, business as usual!

We are still working hard to get as much of our stock online, although it has slowed currently due to some background improvements been made to site, but feel free to browes